Supporting Veterans at BlackRock
BlackRock Veterans

Supporting our Veterans and Allies

Our Firms Commitment to Veterans

BlackRock recognizes the challenges transitioning veterans face and the importance of supporting their professional careers. We engage with, sponsor and support programs that honor and assist veterans and their families.

Reflecting on Veterans Day, Armistice Day and Remembrance Day

Supporting those who have served, commemorating Veterans Day, Armistice Day, and Remembrance Day holds profound significance for BlackRock. These solemn occasions remind us of the sacrifices made by veterans worldwide and underscore our ongoing commitment to honoring their service and sacrifice.

Global Veteran Empowerment

Supporting Veterans and Allies Globally

Explore BlackRock's global support for Veterans and Allies through programs like the Veterans Transition Program and 'Vests for Vets,' acknowledging their invaluable contributions worldwide!

**Europe has dynamically expanded its reach to include Athletes in its programming, Please view the "Athletes Tab" for more information!

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BlackRock Veterans Programs

BlackRock Empowers Veterans: Building Futures Across Continents

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VET Transition Program

BlackRock's Veterans Transition Program

Embark on a Journey of Professional Growth and Success

The Program gives participants the opportunity to work at the world’s largest asset manager for six months, leading to potential permanent roles upon successful completion. Participants gain real-world experience, professional mentorship, and exposure to our organization's senior leaders, enhancing and supporting their transition to civilian work.

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Vests for Vets (V4V)

BlackRock's Vests for Vets: Championing Veteran Transition

Join Us In Honoring Veteran and Allies Journeys

Established in 2019, Vests for Vets acknowledges the profound journey veterans navigate as they transition from military service to their next professional endeavor. Our mission is to provide steadfast support to transitioning service members and their families, celebrating the invaluable skills and experiences.

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VET Corporate Partners

BlackRock's Corporate Partnerships support Veterans Globally

American Corporate Partners (ACP) Mentorship

BlackRock's collaboration with American Corporate Partners enables us to expand our assistance for transitioning Veterans and families. Leveraging ACP's partnership, we provide mentors and guidance, ensuring Veterans navigate career transitions successfully and thrive as they enter into the next chapter of their careers.

BlackRock Veterans Programs

BlackRock Empowers Veterans: Building Futures Across Continents

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VET Transition Program

BlackRock's EMEA Veterans Programme

6-month opportunity for Veterans and Athletes to transition

The BlackRock Veterans Program supports veterans and athletes transitioning into their next career. Successful participants may receive permanent employment at BlackRock. The program offers meaningful tasks, immersion in team work, finance training, mentorship, exposure to senior leaders, and social and networking opportunities.

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VET and Athletes Network

EMEA Veterans & Allies Network:

Supporting Veterans in their next chapter with purpose

BlackRock's EMEA Veterans Network facilitates seamless career transitions for veterans, providing formal aftercare for reservists, professional mentorship, and philanthropic support. Committed to fostering broader inclusion, we actively engage in internal and external events to promote participation and support our members' professional growth.

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Charitable Partners

EMEA Network Charitable Efforts

Giving back to our communities

The EMEA Veterans Network currently supports multiple foundations including the Royal British Legion, SSAFA and Re:ACT through charitable efforts such as London Poppy Day and a Charitable Dinner, raising significant support alongside BlackRock’s Benevity Giving Tuesday, with BlackRock matching donations 2:1.

EMEA Athlete Internship: Discover Your Next Career at BlackRock

The Athlete Internship at BlackRock offers a unique opportunity for world-class elite athletes transitioning into their next career. Participants will gain valuable experience, training, and mentorship while working on meaningful tasks and projects. Successful participants may receive permanent employment at BlackRock.

Celebrating Those Who Served

At BlackRock, our dedication to diversity and inclusion strengthens our capacity to serve clients effectively. Veterans enrich BlackRock with their unique and valued perspectives, shaped by extraordinary backgrounds and experiences.

BlackRock's Executive Sponsorship

"To Our Veteran colleagues and military spouses, we are grateful to have you as part of our One Blackrock Community!"

Gary Shedlin
BlackRock Vice Chairman, VET Co-Executive Sponsor
Gary Shedlin is a Vice Chairman of BlackRock. As a member of the Office of the Chairman, Mr. Shedlin focuses on strengthening relationships with some of the firm’s most important clients and partners as well as key strategic initiatives.
Sudhir Nair
BlackRock Senior Managing Director, VET Co-Executive Sponsor
Sudhir Nair, Senior Managing Director, is the Global Head of Aladdin and a member of BlackRock's Global Executive Committee.