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Mega forces: An investment opportunity

Mega forces are big, structural changes that affect investing now - and far in the future. As key drivers of the new regime of greater macroeconomic and market volatility, they change the long-term growth and inflation outlook and are poised to create big shifts in profitability across economies and sectors. This creates major opportunities - and risks - for investors.


Here we outline the five mega forces we are tracking – and will share our research on each over time.

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The five mega forces we’re tracking

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Demographic divergence

Demographic divergence

The world is split between aging and younger economies

Aging populations in major economies are poised to limit how much countries can produce and grow. By contrast, selected emerging market economies can benefit from younger populations and growing middle classes.

Artificial intelligence
Digital disruption and AI

Digital disruption and artificial intelligence (AI)

Potential to boost productivity

Artificial intelligence can automate laborious tasks, analyze huge sets of data and help generate fresh ideas. Digital disruption goes beyond AI.

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A fragmenting world

Geopolitical fragmentation and economic competition

Rewiring global supply chains

In a marked departure from the post-Cold War period of increasing globalization, we see countries favoring national security and resilience over economic efficiency.

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Future of finance

Future of finance

A fast-evolving financial architecture

A fast-evolving financial architecture is changing how households and companies use cash, borrow, transact and seek returns.

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Low-carbon transition

Transition to a low-carbon economy

A massive reallocation of capital

The transition to a low-carbon economy is set to spur a massive reallocation of capital as energy systems are rewired.

Adopting new technology

The key to harnessing mega forces and their potential is to first identify the catalysts that can supercharge them and how they interact with each other.

Rapid adoption of technology can change the path of transitions. Markets can underappreciate the speed of transitions, creating investment opportunities. Conversely, exuberance over their potential can also cause temporary price spikes. AI has been turbocharged by the roll-out of ChatGPT and other consumer-friendly tools. We think markets are still assessing the potential effects as AI applications could disrupt entire industries and bring greater cybersecurity risks across the board.

Grabbing the wheel: putting money to work

The new regime of greater volatility is full of opportunities. Seizing them requires a dynamic and selective approach that blends the economic outlook with mega forces and more.
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