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Dedicated to creating long-term value

At BlackRock, we are committed to helping more and more people experience financial well-being and to creating long-term value for our clients, the asset owners. Because more than half of the assets we manage are in retirement savings, we are particularly focused on creating and maintaining value over the long term.

What is long-term capitalism?

We see long-term capitalism as a series of investments in a company’s key constituents – its employees, clients, suppliers and communities. These are the groups that companies rely on to prosper, and we believe that investing in these relationships helps to create and maintain value for shareholders over the long term.


We believe that strong relationships with key stakeholders can lead to higher productivity, more innovation, greater consumer loyalty, reduced reputational and regulatory risk, and long-term wealth creation. And these benefits ultimately accrue to shareholders. On the other hand, not investing in key stakeholders can hurt shareholders by harming value creation.

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Our conviction at BlackRock is that companies perform better when they are deliberate about their role in society and act in the interests of their employees, customers, communities, and their shareholders.

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BlackRock’s research initiative on long-term capitalism

Behind BlackRock’s research initiative on long-term capitalism is our desire to understand the ways companies can create lasting value for their shareholders.

This project is designed to conduct data-driven research and to bring together insights from a wide range of market, policy and academic viewpoints on long-term value creation.

Lifting global growth by investing in women

The global economy faces a confluence of structural challenges, including aging populations, slowing productivity growth, and the headwinds of deglobalization. Yet there are untapped resources that could help to lift economic activity: women. We show how bringing more women into the labor force can boost economic returns.

After the great resignation: Shifting expectations for employers

The ‘great resignation’ has seen workers voluntarily leave their jobs at historically high rates. Against this backdrop, we look at the impact of employee turnover on corporate performance, and at who is leaving and why, with implications for the changing employee/employer relationship.

Meet our team

The insights of our research initiative are created with close collaboration from the BlackRock Investment Institute, Global Public Policy Group, Corporate Sustainability, Investment Stewardship, and investment teams.
Sandra Lawson
Managing Director
Sandra Lawson leads BlackRock’s research initiative on long-term capitalism, with the goal of better understanding how companies can create lasting value for their shareholders. Before joining BlackRock, Ms. Lawson worked in investment research at Goldman Sachs, principally focused on public-policy issues and the development of capital markets.
Tanja Boskovic
Tanja Boskovic drives research on long-term capitalism. She was previously a portfolio manager within BlackRock’s Global Fixed Income. Prior to that, Ms. Boskovic spent five years at the World Bank, helping countries develop bond markets and respond to the global financial crisis. She also worked at Goldman Sachs and the European Commission.
Ewelina Zurowska
Ewelina Zurowska is responsible for research and data efforts in the long-term capitalism team at BlackRock. She has previously worked in the research departments of the European Central Bank and the Bank for International Settlements. Ms. Zurowska holds a PhD degree in Finance from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.